IaRC Meeting Minutes August 14, 2005

IaRC, Inc., Minutes
August 14, 2005

Cedar Rapids/Amana Hamfest

Meeting called to order with the following in attendance: WB0GGI, N0JLU, KB0JQO, WA0YOC, W0ALO, N0CF, K5ZC, AB0VX, KC0OX, WA0JFS, KB0JBF, WA0RJT, W0RFX, W0KWM.

Discussion was held concerning the use of Tone Squelch. Riley Hollingsworth of the FCC has stated in the ARRL Letter that tone squelch is needed in the Amateur Radio Service. The Illinois Repeater Association recently approved the following: “All future (after 5-1-2003) repeater coordinations shall include coded squelch (encode/decode) and existing coordinations shall meet the same operating requirements by December 31, 2005.” They went on to state that existing repeaters not using tones may keep operating but will not receive coordination protection from toned repeaters after 12-31-2005.

It was the consensus, approved unanimously, that the Iowa Repeater Council, Inc., recommend tone access on new coordinations and require tone access on all existing repeaters as of 12-31-2006.

Consideration of shorter spacing guidelines for coordinations in Iowa was once again discussed, in view of the routine shorter spacings used in the WI-IL-IN area. It was unanimously decided that the Iowa coordinator be instructed to maintain the 120-mile same-channel spacing, as in the past.

AB0VX moved to reimburse the coordinator’s expenses for travel, etc, as has been done in the past years. Unanimous approval was given.

Election of Board of Directors members was held: K0VM nominated N0CF; KB0JQO nominated AB0VX. No further nominations were offered and an acclamation approval of the two candidates was approved. Their terms will be four years, expiring in 2009.

The meeting of the general membership was adjourned at this point and the meeting of the Board of Directors was convened.

N0CF moved to ratify the actions of the general membership in meetings assembled over the last year, seconded by AB0VX. The motion was approved unanimously by the BoD members present. Elections for President, V-P, and Secy/Treas were held with the officers remaining the same as at present: WB0GGI President, W0DP Vice-President, and N0JLU Secy/Treas. The Board appointed WB0GGI to continue as Frequency Coordinator.

There being no further business, the meeting of the Board was adjourned.

N0JLU, Secretary/Treasurer