IaRC Meeting Minutes August 1, 2010


Meeting at Cedar Rapids, Iowa August 1, 2010

Meeting called to order 10:05, by Thomas G. Crabb, N0JLU.

Brief summary of meetings discussed. Treasurer reported $7479.34.

Discussed no meeting at Sioux City due to no hamfest. Apparently man in charge died recently. Only two people showed prior year at SUX meeting.

New Business: Election of positions of Tom, Denny & Evan in 2011.

A. Two (2) uncoordinated machines operating in Ottumwa area by an individual named Marshall Dias, who doesn’t think he is obligated to coordinate.

Machines are on 146.715-[actually coordinated in Melrose] & 443.000. What action needs to be taken?

B. Machine now at Red Oak on 700-ft tower, 145.350, actually coordinated in Tarkio MO, moved without re-coord to red oak by N0NHP

C. Verify UHF listed freq of Melrose, which is same as Mike’s [KE0BX] in OTM 444.850. cities only 30 miles apart. Is this a misprint?

D. Update list on website!!!!!!!

E. Request statewide UHF D-Star frequency. Maybe the ragbri pair, or another that will work statewide.

F. Explore/establish an UHF SNP [shared, not protected] frequency for the state.

G. Issues with amateurs being charged property tax on repeater tower installations discussed. Advised to get ARRL involved.

Meeting closed 10:35 motion by Rich, WA0JFS, seconded by Tom, N0VPR


Board of Directors met immediately following, attended by Chris N0CF, John AB0VX, & Tom N0JLU.

Board ratified and approved actions of Council and frequency coordinator for past year. Discussion of computer transition and portable printer. Adjourned at 10:50.