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New Repeater listings for July 25th

Next meeting of Council 11:00 AM Sunday August 3, 2014 at CVARC Hamfest in Cedar Rapids. Election of Officers.

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April 2015 Meeting - Des Moines Hamfest



Welcome to our web site. We hope this site is informational and useful both to the casually interested and the repeater operator in the coordination process. We welcome your constructive comments and suggestions. Please feel free to send us E-mail with your ideas on how to improve this site.


What we do

The Iowa Repeater Council is an organization that coordinates amateur radio service repeater frequencies in the state of Iowa (in the "midwestern" US). Amateur radio operators (hams) coordinate the frequencies of their repeater stations in order to minimize interference between such stations and to maximize the use of the available frequency spectrum. Additionally, amateur radio repeaters placed in service without coordination, and causing interference to coordinated repeaters, may be called upon by order of the FCC to discontinue operation until coordination has been obtained through this organization.


Iowa amateur radio repeater operators formed the IaRC as the central clearinghouse and coordinator of repeater channels. The repeater council is a non-profit corporation supported by the annual dues of its membership. IaRC coordinates frequency usage with similar coordination councils in surrounding states. IaRC is also a member of the Mid-America Coordination Council, INC (MACC).


Coordination Policies

The IaRC has its own policies and procedures which closely follow the polices of MACC, an umbrella organization of coordination councils. Excerpts from MACC's frequency coordination guidelines are available here.

***In August 2006, in an open meeting of the Repeater Council, it was decided that new coordinations on or after 01/01/2007 will be required to have tone controlled access. It is recommended that existing repeaters institute tone controlled access on or before that date. See the Regional Sub-audible Tone Plan for details.***


Information and worksheets

A complete information package about IRC and all the necessary forms required for repeater coordination can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. Still working on the total information package download. Individual forms are are available on the site. Check the menu system to the left for more information in the sections entitled Worksheets.


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